• Blossom Plus Refill 5L Sanitizer

Blossom Plus Refill 5L Sanitizer

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Blossom Plus

28 days protection Blossom Lite 24 hours protection Blossom+ Long-Lasting Sanitiser Spray (BerryC Series) is uniquely formulated based on the objectives of Eliminates microbes, protecting, and long-lasting. It provides a microbes-free, floral scent, and a relaxing environment for both parents and kids. Why Blossom+ Sanitizer? 1. Alcohol-free sanitizer 2. Last up to 28 days on the solid surface 3. Skin-safe test done, proven, and certified by SIRIM 4. RoHS tested and contained a nontoxic ingredient 5. Low Volatile organic compounds in the formula 6. Using QAC as the active ingredient and it is proven to be effective against Corona Virus (Covid-19) according to Singapore Government Our Blossom+ Sanitizer Spray has been approved by SIRIM, so you can use it without any worries. Moreover, it is toxic-free which makes Blossom+ Sanitizer Spray safe to be used on the skin and also on surfaces. Ingredients: Quaternary Ammonium compound, Polymeric compound, Natural plant extract, Water